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About me

I am a software developer based in Sydney, Australia.


My story

Developing software has been a lifetime career passion for me.

In addition, outside of work, experiencing the great Australian country is something I enjoy – camping, hiking, exploring, hot springs, beaches, mountains and scenic road trips.


My key skills


My skills include full-stack development, including specialties in Web API, Angular, C#, TypeScript, Git, Azure, SQL, Unit Testing and Web Services.


I can advise on how to transform your legacy software using modern application frameworks, improving
their maintenance and lifespan.


I am an accomplished author of over 200 quality development articles spanning over 200,000 words of text. Please refer to my body of work in my blog page for inspiration.

Rather than provide my developer audience with content that can resemble a lengthy reference guide, I provide commentary with relevancy to today’s market, with development rationale encompassing my own industry experience in all areas of software development environments including enterprise, front end, server multi-tier, back-end and native cloud. I delve into topics including open-source development, software design patterns, user interface development, development platform comparisons and best practices.

If you find value in any of my posts, please do share them (at the footer of each post) with others in the social media sites LinkedIn and Twitter where I can also be followed. I am also a regular contributor and problem-solver in StackOverflow. 

Thanks and Enjoy!

Andrew Halil.

November 2019.

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