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Enabling Azure Blob Storage in an SSIS Package

Welcome to my post!

I will discuss how to enable support for Azure Blob Storage within SSIS packages developed within Visual Studio 2017.

The question you might have is:

Why do I need to setup Blob Storage in Azure for SSIS imports?

The answer is that Azure data can only be imported into an Azure SQL database using an existing Azure storage account, and within the storage account you will need to create blob storage that will hold imported files that will be imported into the Azure SQL database.

Before SSIS packages can be designed and developed within Visual Studio 2017, will require the installation of the SQL Server Data Tools and can be downloaded from here (

Install the MS SQL Server 2017 SSIS Feature Pack for Azure, which can be downloaded from here.

Following installation, you will notice the following additions to the development environment:

The SSIS Connection Manager

Inclusion of the Azure Storage connection manager:

 The SSIS Toolbox

The toolbox will contain components to support development of data migrations to and from Azure Blobs:

Including a number of data sources:

I hope you have found this post useful.

In a future post, I will show how to make use of SSIS to import data from an on-premises data into an Azure SQL Database.

Thanks for reading.

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